Andrew Bone

The Artist

Andrew’s passion for the bush was awakened at the early age of 13 when he attended Falcon College – a school situated many miles from the closest town, carved out of the arid Matabele landscape and where the study of flora and fauna was encouraged.

After his education he was enrolled in the military, where for the following 5 years he was involved in the guerrilla war that was being waged in Rhodesia. It was then that he was first introduced to the Zambezi Valley, although at the time, in the midst of combat, malaria and tsetse fly, it was an area to be avoided at all costs.

With the advent of Zimbabwe and the cessation of hostilities, a colleague approached Andrew with a view to canoe the Zambezi River between Kariba dam wall and Mana Pools. It was a trip that was to change his life forever.

Subsequently Garth Thompson, a professional guide offered Andrew a job at Rucomechi Camp, situated on the Western boundary of Mana Pools National Park, and it was here that he began closely studying the environment. In the days when common sense and knowledge were the prerequisite for guiding, not legalities and written exams, experiences with all manner of wildlife was full of excitement, intrigue and fascination. Being chased, charged or put up a tree by and enraged buffalo was as common place as studying dung beetles or the antics of an unruly teenage baboon.

Upon marrying Kelly, Andrew relocated to a private game reserve where for the first time he was introduced to animal relocation and PAC (problem animal control). In the evenings, with few clients to entertain he picked up his first paint brush and attempted to capture on canvass what he had experienced in the veld.

Surprisingly his rudimentary first paintings were well received and he decided to make the move from guiding to full-time art. With wild life still as his driving passion, Andrew divided his time between the African bush, exhibiting in the USA and his studio with some success.

In 2003, with his native Zimbabwe in melt-down, it was decided to pack up and move to neighbouring South Africa where he continues to live with his wife and 3 daughters. He continues to regularly travel throughout Southern Africa for his inspiration and material.