Andrew Bone

Brush Strokes of Africa

Brushstrokes of Africa is an account of Africa by an African artist. That tells a story of a privileged colonial upbringing, surviving a brutal civil war, finding inner peace on the banks of the Zambezi, to finally emerging as one of Africa's great wildlife artists.
Through over 180 paintings, studies and sketches Andrew brings to the reader the exploits and experiences that have moulded him into the ardent conservationist and internationally recognised artist he is today.

"Don't paint it unless you've been chased by it, studied it, or done something to save it."

The concept of 'Brush Strokes of Africa' was created amongst the dust and heat of the Zambezi Valley. It was on the banks of that mighty river that I decided to share my passion for that untamed wilderness with those not fortunate to witness it for themselves.

Over the course of ten years I have compiled a memoir of the valley, of its remarkable inhabitants both with pen and paint, and of my journey to learn its secrets. From the sudden madness of a bull elephant charge, to the exquisite flight of a thousand Carmine Bee-eaters, I have attempted to be an honest spectator to nature's extraordinary cast of players.

"If I was asked to describe Andrew, I would define him as a modern-day Indiana Jones. He is an adventurer, a serious conservationist, an avid family man, and truly one of today's finest living artists … He is self taught with extraordinary talent, and he is able to capture perfectly some of the earth's most endangered and beautiful wildlife."


"In the world obsessed with definitions of what art is and isn't, Andrew Bone is content to quietly continue creating astonishing manifestations of humanities' potential to achieve artistic majesty … He has spent his lifetime devoted to the knowledge and preservation of the species of the African continent. The pages of this book eloquently reveal this lifetime's legacy."